The Regulatory Effects of the Ongoing Struggle to Curtail Tax Evasion in the EU

Over the past decade, tax evasion and tax avoidance have taken the public eye by storm as attention has been shed on repeated tax leaks such as the Panama Papers. Politicians and entrepreneurs are placed under ever-increasing scrutiny, providing ammunition to an often divisive us-versus-them dialectic in political debate. Yet, as financial regulations attempt to address these issues, tens of billions have passed through tax havens in the past decades and continue to do so.

Belgrade’s Graffiti War: The Artistic Parallel of the Russia-Ukraine Conflict

As the war rages across Ukraine with its consequences felt throughout Europe, a different kind of war has taken to the streets and alleys of Serbia’s capital. Namely, a ‘graffiti war’ between pro-Russian and pro-Ukrainian groups. Indeed, through the defacement and ‘conversion’ of ‘enemy’ graffiti, messages and victories taint the roads of Belgrade.