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Would you like to publish an article on Euro Prospects? We encourage all those who are passionate about European affairs or events to write an article on a topic that interests them. Once done and after review, we will post it on our website.

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Have an idea for an article? Email us a brief outline of the topic or send us a draft. From there we will work with you so that your article can be eventually published and added to our website.

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Types of articles

Your article should be one of the following:

  • Opinion: An opinion article should clearly express your viewpoint on a European topic or policy.
  • Analysis: An analytical article is longer and should be an in-depth analysis on a topic or policy.
  • News: News articles are short and should be an informative and unbiased piece on a recent event.

What to write about?

The topic you choose should, generally, be a subject related to European politics, European policy, or the future of Europe. However, an article may also be on other policy areas (see categories below). Your topic may also be on an event outside of Europe, but should have a clear connection to Europe (eg, the effect of an international event on European policy). You may also decide to write on internal politics or policy of a specific European country.

To give you an idea, here are some broad categories to choose from:

  • Elections
  • Foreign policy
  • Legislation
  • Security
  • Migration
  • Economy
  • Environment
  • Geopolitics
  • Health
  • Protests
  • Digital transition
  • Energy
  • Culture
  • Rule of law
  • etc…


Visit some already-published articles to get a feel for what your article would look like. In short, however, it should be in order of the following:

  • Headline/title
  • Lead: One to two sentence résumé below the headline which acts as a hook.
  • Image: The image of your article which stands below the lead will normally be made by us, but may be discussed and you may suggest one.
  • Byline: date and author (you may decide to remain anonymous)
  • Paragraph lead (optional): a paragraph summary similar to the lead.
  • Body: The main content of your article.
  • Conclusion (optional): Summary & concluding statements (only for opinion or analysis articles)