About Us

Euro Prospects is an independent outlet of analytical reports on relevant European political issues  — which often includes topics not covered in the mainstream spotlight, from analysing the EU’s Arctic Policy, to Belgrade’s Graffiti War, to the European Public Prosecutor’s Office, to name a few.

Though we strive to analytically inform, our mission goes further than that. Put simply, Euro Prospects’ mission is to do its part in cultivating a European public sphere, incentivising ordinary Europeans to take a stronger interest in European affairs, no matter their political convictions. Because of this, we strive to offer a platform which encourages reflection and deliberation on European politics, policy, and prospects.

Euro Prospects was launched on the 6th of June, 2022.

Our Team

Francesco Bernabeu Fornara, author and founder of Euro Prospects
Francesco Bernabeu Fornara
Editor-in-Chief | Founder | Director for EU Law
Francesco founded Euro Prospects mid-2022. He is Spanish and Italian but is currently based in Amsterdam. His primary academic background is in European Union Law, though he has academic experience covering politics, history, geopolitics, and economics. (view articles)
Areas of expertise: EU law (institutional and substantive); geopolitics; economics
Damian Elias Wollai
Correspondent for Germany | Director for Transatlantic and Military Aff.
Damian is German and based in Trier. He has an academic background in International Relations and Diplomacy as well as History. (view articles)
Areas of expertise: Germany; NATO/transatlantic relations; EU history; IR history
Aleksander Dragic
Correspondent for Serbia
Aleksander is from Serbia and is based in Belgrade. His primary academic background is in Philosophy though has experience reporting on Serbian internal and external politics. (view articles)
Areas of expertise: Serbian politics (internal and external); EU enlargement process
Noa Bulyovszky 
Correspondent for Hungary | Director for EU Migration
Noa is from Hungary but is currently residing in Amsterdam. Her background in EU Law but has previous academic research experience in a topics concerning politics, political censorship, history, and immigration. (view articles)
Areas of expertise: EU law, migration, EU Court cases/rulings
José Manuel Blanco Goldar
Correspondent for Spain | Director for History
José Manuel is Spanish. He has an academic background in History following a bachelor degree of the same. He also possesses knowledge in maritime affairs, such as in regard to the EU fisheries policy (view articles).
Areas of expertise: History, EU Fisheries Policy, maritime affairs, Spanish politics
Simona Kohútová
Correspondent for Slovakia
Simona is Slovak. Based in Brussels, she is finishing a Journalism and Media MA, following her International Relations BA. She speaks Slovak, Czech, German, English (view articles).
Areas of expertise: Press freedom and its fluctuations in democratic backsliding states (mainly in Eurasia), Switzerland and its neutrality, populistic rhetoric, disinformation, and elections.